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Línea 1: Línea 1:
 +BISS mode 1• 
 +BISS mode 1 uses a 12 digit hexadecimal key as session word. The session word has to be announced to all parties that are allowed to descramble the received data.•
 + ​Example : 123456ABCDEF• ​
 +"BISS mode E•
 +The session word can easily be compromised,​ there is no protection when communicating it to the receive site.
 +BISS mode E : scrambled with encrypted session word(ESW)• ​
 +This mode uses the ID (identifier) of the receiver(s) and a session word to calculate an encrypted session word(16 digits hex)• There are two possible IDs - buried ID- injected ID• 
 +By encrypting the session word there is an additional protection on the session word. The ESW can be communicated using a non-secure channel since in order to descramble the received signal both the ID and the ESW need to be known.
 +Calculation of encrypted session word
 +1.Define a SW 
 +2. Get the IDExchange ESWEnter ESW in IRD(s)
 +3.Calculate ESW To calculate the ESW 
 +4. the DES algorithm is used
 http://​colibri.bplaced.net/​csa_rainbow_table.htm http://​colibri.bplaced.net/​csa_rainbow_table.htm
Línea 15: Línea 35:
 http://​www.sat-universe.com/​showthread.php?​t=294666 http://​www.sat-universe.com/​showthread.php?​t=294666
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