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root@a8e1ecfe3b03:/# ivre help ipinfo
usage: ivre ipinfo [-h] [--country CODE] [--asnum NUM[,NUM[...]]]
                   [--port PORT] [--service SVC] [--svchostname HOSTNAME]
                   [--sensor SENSOR] [--torcert] [--dns DNS] [--dnssub DNSSUB]
                   [--cert CERT] [--basicauth] [--auth] [--java] [--ua UA]
                   [--ftp] [--pop] [--timeago TIMEAGO]
                   [--timeagonew TIMEAGONEW] [--init] [--ensure-indexes]
                   [--update-schema] [--delete] [--short] [--count]
                   [--explain] [--distinct FIELD] [--json]
                   [--sort FIELD / ~FIELD [FIELD / ~FIELD ...]]
                   [--limit LIMIT] [--skip SKIP] [--tail COUNT]
                   [--tailnew COUNT] [--tailf] [--tailfnew]
                   [--top FIELD / ~FIELD]
                   [ips [ips ...]]

Access and query the passive database.

positional arguments:
  ips                   Display results for specified IP addresses or ranges.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --country CODE        show only results from this country
  --asnum NUM[,NUM[...]]
                        show only results from this(those) AS(es)
  --port PORT
  --service SVC
  --svchostname HOSTNAME
  --sensor SENSOR
  --dns DNS
  --dnssub DNSSUB
  --cert CERT
  --ua UA
  --timeago TIMEAGO
  --timeagonew TIMEAGONEW
  --init, --purgedb     Purge or create and initialize the database.
  --ensure-indexes      Create missing indexes (will lock the database).
  --update-schema       update (host) schema. Use with --version to specify
                        your current version
  --delete              DELETE the matched results instead of displaying them.
  --short               Output only IP addresses, one per line.
  --count               Count matched results.
  --explain             MongoDB specific: .explain() the query.
  --distinct FIELD      Output only unique FIELD part of the results, one per
  --json                Output results as JSON documents.
  --sort FIELD / ~FIELD [FIELD / ~FIELD ...]
                        Sort results according to FIELD; use ~FIELD to reverse
                        sort order.
  --limit LIMIT         Ouput at most LIMIT results.
  --skip SKIP           Skip first SKIP results.
  --tail COUNT          Output latest COUNT results.
  --tailnew COUNT       Output latest COUNT new results.
  --tailf               Output continuously latest results.
  --tailfnew            Output continuously latest results.
  --top FIELD / ~FIELD  Output most common (least common: ~) values for FIELD,
                        by default 10, use --limit to change that, --limit 0
                        means unlimited.

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